“A very professional group, offering a wide range of products from some of the top brands with extremely quick response times”

- (Corporate Chef)

“A vast portfolio of interesting and useful products from Premium brands. Very quick response times. Great people to work with”

- (General Manager) ITC

“I am constantly using Akya's equipment for the everyday needs of the outlets of Kempinski. I find the products contemporary elegant, multifunctional, and most importantly manufactured with quality materials.”

- Executive Chef

“I find Akya to be very professional company with an exhaustive range of products. Excellent service and a very pro-active company in the region.”

- (Purchasing Manager)

"You and your team had been in great support. Unfortunately we wouldn’t receive the goods in time frame, but you were flexible, cooperated and delivered the goods when requested. To Conclude overall service was good and wish to be in business with your company.

- (F&B Director / Executive Chef)

"To speak of a very good hotel supplier is Akya in the Middle East. There is no other supplier who can compete with them or go near them. They are very well organized. Having an excellent professional staff whom most of them are ex Hoteliers. Who know their products in and out. There are very prompt in their service. They even go out of their way to assist you with your demands.And most of they are reasonable even in there pricing. Even in time of crisis or stiff competition they are on top of the rest."

- (Executive Chief Steward)

"Akya Trading has consistently helped us meet our project timelines while maintaining complete transparency and thorough professionalism. We look forward to partnering with them soon."


"Every decision we made was the right one thanks to Akya Trading’s product knowledge and industry insight. Akya is truly one the most professional and reliable procurement expert in the industry.”


“We have been doing business with Akya Trading and commend their management for putting together a resourceful, adaptive and completely trustworthy team.”